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Powder coating is a process in which objects are coated using dry powder. The part, which is to be painted, is electrostatically charged. Thus, powder sticks to it. The object is then baked in the oven to cure it for the finished product. The finished product quality is much better as compared to liquid paint.

This article continues on from an earlier piece on building your own powder coating oven and takes you through the final stages of the assembly process.


In the process of powder coating, dry powder is sprayed on to the required object and then it is placed inside a curing oven to cure the object.

Having trouble knowing which masking tapes to use during your powder coating process? Sometimes, the hardest part of this process is understanding which masking tape works best for you and meets the specific requirements that your component demands.

Looking to increase the efficiency of your Powder Coating or Shot Blasting business? Look no further than High Temperature Masking Tape, offering a robust and versatile solution to suit every job you'll ever come across.

Having trouble keeping paint, rinses, or chemicals off threads? Cross-threading due to paint is a costly issue many surface finishers face, as re-work can require a great deal in time and resources. Choosing the correct plug to protect your threads will eliminate the need for thread chasers and taps!

Over the last few decades, powder coating has attained immense importance in terms of its applications on aluminum products such as windows and other household appliances and transport materials. The fact that this coating is highly versatile, easy to manage and cost efficient, makes it the most sought after alternative to enamel paints.

Powder coating has been able to establish itself as the most sustainable coating of the current times. For those who are not familiar with the concept yet, powder coating makes use of electrically charged resins and pigments that are able to adhere on an oppositely charged surface.


The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) and its corporate Diamond member, Gema USA Inc., A Graco Inc. Company, hereby solicit applications for the 2017-18 Gema/PCI Scholarship. To qualify the candidate must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student studying engineering in an accredited college or university program.  Special consideration will be given to applicants that demonstrate an interest in powder coatings and are pursuing disc

What if I told you I could help save you time, money and your sanity? Well, I can. Do you experience overspray, leakage or coatings that look just plain bad? Those are common issues that happen when you’re not using the right masking materials. Let’s fix that. Here’s the break down on how to mask effectively in order to reduce rejection rate, rework, labor cost and ultimately your frustration.


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