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Powder Coating Ovens for Beginners

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In order to permanently adhere the powder coating to the surface of the chosen item, it is necessary to cure it in an oven. Before curing, the powder is so lightly adhered to the part that it can literally be blown off with a light breeze or be rendered useless by just touching it. The part would then have to be coated again or otherwise, the objective of achieving an immaculate finish would have to be compromised.

It is therefore important to select an appropriate oven to make it possible to cure the part without damaging the uncured powder coating. It is not necessary to own a professional oven for curing as ovens used for household purposes can fulfill this objective as effectively as any other oven. For this purpose, a suitable oven would have to be selected. They come in different sizes, and their prices depend upon their features. For example, a customer has the option to choose between a toaster oven and an ordinary household oven. Curing a powder coated part releases certain chemicals in the air which means that any household oven used for curing a powder coated part must not be used for cooking as the food prepared in such an oven may be toxic. Used ovens are readily available in the market or over the internet at reasonable prices. Whichever oven is chosen, it should be dedicated to powder coating or disposed of if one decides not to continue powder coating in future.

Some inexpensive oven options for beginners are described below:

Toaster Oven

These are used for curing smaller powder coated parts. What needs to be done is to place the oven just outside the garage doors as the fumes released during the process might be very toxic. These ovens are very inexpensive and can usually be bought for as low as $20. The benefit of using a toaster oven is that they use much less electricity than other larger ovens and can be plugged into an 110V output.

Household Ovens

Household ovens could be electric ovens or gas ovens. These ovens are more expensive considering their larger sizes as compared to the much smaller toaster ovens. The same basic safety instructions go for these oven as well and do not use it for cooking after using them for curing. These ovens use more electricity as compared to the toaster ovens as they have to be plugged into a 240V power output. These ovens also need a more specialized installation, therefore it is highly recommended to seek professional help in this regard because their installation might involve electricity and there is a risk of electric shock and fire in case they are not properly installed. Whenever a gas oven is used, care should be taken to avoid a cloud of dust which can be highly inflammable if there is a lack of ventilation in the garage.

The oven’s capacity could be extended in case the parts are bigger than the default capacity. This extension is called ‘the pregnant oven’. This is when the oven door is left opened and a large enclosed box is added, as it seals the sides of the oven to make the oven larger.

Infrared lamp

Infrared lamps are used as a common alternative to conventional ovens. These lamps emit infrared radiations and are used for heating purposes. The major benefit of an infrared lamp is the ease of use and the flexibility they afford as they are movable and can be used at a number of locations and positions. These lamps are most effective when they are used inside enclosed boxes, because using them otherwise would provide uneven heat to the part. The downside of these lamps is their price, as they could be expensive and would take extra time as they heat one side of the part at a time. Despite their disadvantages, the coaters are increasingly using these lamps because of smaller floor space requirement and in an effort to boost performance in combination with existing ovens.

Ovens specific for the purpose of powder coating

Many manufactures have designed ovens that are specifically designed for curing powder coated parts. These ovens are easily available at different stores. The prices vary compared to their sizes, and the choice lies with the user, depending on the sizes of parts to be cured. Ovens with specifications matching the requirements for the powder coated parts could be selected from different stores and used as per these requirements.

While using any of these ovens, health, safety and the environment should be a major concern, as touching a heated part once it is out of the oven could cause burn injuries, and there is an added risk of fire due to short circuiting or mishandling of other inflammable objects. The coaters should always use safety equipment such as gloves while curing the coated parts.

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