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Get Your PCP Badge and save $$

Show your support of the Powder Coating Planet by placing the PCP badge on your website, and earn a discount on all PCP products. Remember, the PCP badge will build credibility with your customers as the directory represents the highest quality powder coating and finishing companies in the industry.

Placing the PCP badge on your website is easy:

  • Once you are a member (free, just by registering), login into the members area.
  • From the Members Area dashboard, click on ‘My PCP’ located in the top right of the content area.
  • Within the My PCP area, click on the tab ‘PCP Badge.’
  • Choose your favorite badge, select the associated code, and place that code on your website footer area.

It is that easy to begin receiving your 5% discount. And, at the same time, begin building your website and business credibility with prospective new customers. So get started today!


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