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Powder Coating Planet Directory Listing Options

Welcome to the Powder Coating Planet Business Directory

Are you looking for more customers? Has it been a challenge to find a high-quality directory to list your company in? Well, look no further!.

The Powder Coating Planet directory and marketplace is a user-friendly community designed to connect buyers with sellers of high-quality powder coating services, products and equipment. We work tirelessly to drive your customers from everywhere they are, from search engines to the major social media platforms.

We have over 16,000 members. Our membership base includes industry key players, such as: raw materials suppliers, powder manufacturers, product manufacturers, powder processing equipment suppliers, coating equipment suppliers, component suppliers. And more.

It’s easy to get started: Simply Register . 20 seconds to sign up. Once your registration is activated, simply log into the exclusive Members Area to add your FREE directory listing. And, if you wish for a bit more visibility, consider adding a Gold or Platinum upgrade, described below.

If you’d like a little guidance placing listings or advertisements in the PCP directory, our affordable Hire a Professional. experts are here to help you maximize the power of your listings and ads.

If you have questions, or would like a little more information, please Contact Us or call toll-free (855) 341-5111 today. Let’s get started!

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Free Banner Ad (One Month)
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Multiple Category Listing
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Service Areas
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1 5 10
Search Tags
(The terms visitors search for to find your listing.)
3 10
(All products and services you offer.)
2 5 10
Product Images
(Show off your work through photos.)
3 5 20
Hours of Operation
(Hours that you are open/closed.)
Payment Options
(Types of payments you accept.)
(Showcase your work with videos.)
3 6
(Discounts or other special offers.)
3 6
(Company literature such as brochures and flyers.)
3 6
Social Network Links
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User Reviews
(Member feedback about your products and services.)
User Ratings
(Business ratings by PCP members and visitors.)
Meta Information
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