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Powder Coating Planet Refund Policy

Powder Coating Planet Refund Policy & Guarantee of Satisfaction

  1. New Purchases of Directory Listings and Advertising

    All new purchases of directory listings and classified/display advertisements at Powder Coating Planet are covered by our "Three Business Days ‘No Questions Asked’ Refund Policy". Usage of our products for three (3) business days will enable you to validate the quality of the Powder Coating Planet Listings, Classified Advertisements and Banner Advertisements. The Powder Coating Planet Terms of Service apply.

    The below guidelines govern the Powder Coating Planet refund policy:

    • Refunds are not applicable beyond three business days after your date of purchase.
    • Refunds may not exceed purchase amount.
    • Refunds are not applicable for renewed (recurring) purchases.
    • Refunds will be denied in cases of abuse, when there are an abnormally high number of postings in the Directory, Classifieds, Forums, and Blogs within the week preceding or after purchase.
  2. Recurring Renewal Purchases of Directory Listings and Advertising

    As described in the Terms of Services, all renewing Directory Listings, Classified Advertisements, Job Postings, Display Banner Advertisements, Hosted Websites and other forms of advertisement include the option for automatic renewal. Programs with automatic renewal include notification in the weeks prior to the renewal, and all cancellations must be processed during that time. Any notifications of cancellation after the program has been automatically renewed will be cancelled for the next renewal period.

  3. Purchases of Services

    Sales for all services are final, so please consider carefully before executing a purchase of a service.

  4. Satisfaction Guarantee

    Advertising programs and listings created by Powder Coating Planet will be warranted for completeness and accuracy against published standards. Powder Coating Planet makes no specific guarantee or warranty regarding the effectiveness of your directory listings or advertising programs, including any specific results. The Powder Coating Planet does not warrant that the performance will be error-free but will immediately act to correct errors once they have been identified. Please notify us immediately at should you have an issue that causes dissatisfaction.

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